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corporate culture


1.  Corporate spirits: keeping the brand CHAO CAI qualified, making science and technology innovative and being an immortal FANYA

2.  Corporate values: customers upmost, quality first, base sincere and service excellent

3.  Corporate moral rules

    1)Serving society with honest and credit,

    2)  Developing together with unity and cooperation

    3)  Surviving with superior and excellent quality,

    4)  Forge ahead with pioneering and innovation.

4. Conduct codes of employees

    1) Unconditional execution

    2) Work without complaint

    3) Successes depending on details

    4) Do as superiors do

    5) Principle of honor 

    6) Be popular among others

    7)Be cooperative

    8) Team work

    9) First only

    10)Be adventurous

    11) Be passionate as fire

    12) Continuous improvements

    13) Be brave

    14) Spare no efforts

    15) Be responsible and accountable

    16) Everything is possible.

    17) Never give up

    18) Dedications as the soul

    19) Strive for ourselves

    20) Ideas upmost

    21) Be spontaneous

    22) Do it now